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PlatinumFTPserver has been tested on Windows 98/NT/ME/2000 and XP. We no longer support Windows 95 although it should run under older versions of Windows.


PlatinumFTPserver simplifies management of all your Ftp clients with regards to sending and receiving program and data files over an IP connection. Working within a control screen, PlatinumFTPserver gives you total control: you can create and manage users, user groups and root directories. You can define what Ftp Commands the users or groups can access. PlatinumFTPserver provides activity logs, client connection details, file and megabyte graphical statistics by session and day, virtual folders and a built in Web Browser. The server engine runs as an application on Windows 98/ME and a service under NT/2K/XP.

PlatinumFTPserver can bind to one or all IP addresses within the PC. All configuration data for the server including password and description fields are encrypted using the powerful Blowfish cipher. Clients can request files be zipped before transfer, execute scripts created with the VBscript editor and also access the shell process.

Available for Microsoft Windows