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With regret, and with the current prolonged downturn in the I.T. sector, BYTE/400 LTD has ceased trading. All current and future development work will be continued solely by Chris Fitzsimons at Chris can be reached at For and outstanding support issues or requests related to BYTE/400 LTD, please send an e-mail to

Version 2 of PlatinumFTPserver is in development and nearing an ALPHA release. This new version does away with the registry and this means people with a low security access on an NT system will be able to use the software. The console also works remotely over IP and this means you can manage the server engine from anywhere on the Internet. Also included in this version, file security so that users can be allowed/denied access to files in a folder they all share. A link to the ALPHA version will be posted end of May. Some of the features include: XP style layout including menus, panels, options etc, Full context sensitive VBA style programming for a better scripting editor, communications between Console and Engine over IP are encrypted with Public/Private keys. This encryption will also be included in the next Client Version.

In future, we will incorporate XP Suite controls in all new products. CIA The Co provide an excellent range of Windows XP type ActiveX controls which give applications running on any Windows version, an XP look. They also have great support backup are are highly recommended.

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Buy a Site License for either the server or client and receive a free site license for PlatinumZip. Just send a mail with your site license code to: and you will receive a download link.

Software Versions

22/04/2003 PlatinumFTPclient 1.1.3
19/04/2003 PlatinumFTPserver 1.0.14


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